What does the query store do for you?

Have you ever experienced your system slowing down or completely down? What happens? Everyone is waiting for you to fix the problem as soon as possible! The Boss is over your desk!

Have you ever experienced upgrading an application to the latest version of SQL Server and facing an issue…

There is a day of the year in which an MVP is “expiring”. In that day each MVP hopes to receive the renewal notification email for this amazing professional recognition.

The MVP Award Program is the way used by Microsoft to say:

Thank you very much for your commitment!


Applies to: SQL Server and Azure SQL Database!

You may need to discover the biggest tables (in terms of disk usage) in the database that you are currently connected. Sometimes, this information is very useful to check the indexing strategy of the biggest tables in your SQL Server or Azure SQL database.

There are several methods to discover…

Monitor the use of deprecated features by using the SQL Server Deprecated Features performance counters

In computer science, the term deprecated is used to indicate that a feature available in the current version of the software will be eliminated in the next versions. …

PE (portable executable) header flags for Delphi

If you develop (or manage) an application written in Delphi language and used in Windows Terminal Server environments, you have probably faced the error known with the code 0xC0000006 External Exception.

This is a rather generic error code that hides the true “low level error” associated with the loading a…

Would you know more about Microsoft Azure? Don’t miss Global Azure 2021!

Global Azure is the worldwide community event dedicated to all professionals, developers and IT technicians who want to know more about Microsoft Azure platform for the Development and the Administration of Application Solutions in the Cloud!

On 15th, 16th and 17th April 2021, communities around the world will come together…

The story of a real experience for setting up a virtual laboratory for SQL Server!

I recently had the opportunity to prepare a workshop for technicians who intend to acquire basic skills on T-SQL language, on SQL Server tools for Import/Export data and SQL Profiler. …

The Data Saturday #0001 will be an international event with international Speakers and several sessions in English and Italian languages!

Data Saturday Pordenone 2021 will be on February 27 and it will be completely virtual and free of charge (replacing the canceled SQL Saturday Pordenone).

The agenda of the day is divided in six tracks that will deliver a total of 48 hours of free training on SQL Server, Data Science, Analytics and Microsoft Azure! You will learn more about topics that you use every day rather than learn something new about technologies that you don’t use yet.

Thanks to our Sponsors the event will be free of charge for you, but the registration is mandatory.

Registration is available here.

See you there!

The object we want to test is a Trigger!

In the previous article, the second of this series, we described how to install the tSQLt framework, the Red-Gate SQL Test tool and how a unit test is runs. Now it’s time to write our first unit test! We will use the tools we described previously!

We will write our…

Join us, you will make the difference!

This conference is different from the others, it is not repeated every year, it wasn’t planned in advance as it couldn’t have been foreseen and not even avoided the earthquake that hit our Croatian cousins ​​on December 29th, 2020! …

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CTO at Centro Software, Microsoft Data Platform MVP

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